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What is the common feature of our early robust video products, the austere So Young and the indulgent The Triumph of Will, the wild wastelands of Intolerance and The Old and the New, or the short stories of Autobus and The Sand Collectors? Video combines several layers of images and sounds - layers that can create profound emotional spaces on the glistening surface of the screen. Although the images move and we can hear them, video takes much more from comics than it does from film. It was comics that encouraged sequencing and the combination and movement of images, sounds and stories.


Zemira Alajbegović, born on 9 January 1958 in Pula.
She is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

Neven Korda, born on 9 July 1956 on the island of Rab. Studied sociology on the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

The leading members of the FV 112/15 theatre group
and FV Disco club from 1982 to 1988, and this was where and when they also started to work in video. In the 80s they founded the independent video production FV Video. From 1983 to 1989 they worked in video also as members of the Borghesia group (multi-media performances, video clips). They produced a number of music documentaries, music video clips, dance videos, television programmes on art and video films. They both work as free-lance artists.



VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 6'
Author Neven Korda
Music Borghesia

Carefully selected shots of the porno universe: the ceaseless repetition of fragments of a sexual act creates the atmosphere of industrial work. Images, deprived of all artistic remainder, are a metaphor of the society which consumes and condemns these images at the same time.

VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 4'
Author Zemira Alajbegović
Music Tereza Kesovija

A collage of representations of socialistic victories and funerals, melodramatical films and family TV shows, accompanied with singing of a popular Yugoslav singer, Tereza Kesovija. The society which was ruled by senior men and socialistic populism; the public and the private intertwine, both joined in a boring and fusty rhythm of time which is dying out.

VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 4'
Author Neven Korda
Music Đorde Marjanović

The story of a youngster, diligent and committed to Tito: the shots of glorious Tito's appearances in front of masses are accompanied by his speech about the brave new world of socialism, read by an enraptured young voice, which is being interrupted by a nostalgic melody from the sixties, the golden era of socialism. Do these video images point to a parody, or do they merely wish to provoke the nostalgic sentiment of the romantic myths of childhood?

VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 2'
Avtor Neven Korda

On socialism which has been gradually becoming a prevailing force.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija & Brut, Ljubljana 1991, 33'
Script Lela B. Njatin, Zemira Alajbegović
Dir Neven Korda
Cast Mojca Dimec, Metod Pevec, Matjaž Pikalo, Petra Pikalo, Ludvik Bagari, Tanja Zgonc, Zmago Jelinčič etc.
Camera Janez Kališnik
Music Lado Jakša
Sound Aldo Ivančić, Neven Korda
Edit Neven Korda

Based upon a novel by Lela B. Njatin, an extremely fragmented piece of narrative. The film retains all characteristics of the original text, introducing the fragmentariness both in the video image and music score. The heroine experiences only fragments of events, she gets involved in meetings which start but never end, she has wishes which are outlined, but never consumed. In the video film, all these fleeting and intolerable moments, transvestism and changes of identities are indicated with layering of visual levels and mixing of different
sounds: narrations in off, dialogues, noises,
radio broadcast. The delusive and ungraspable
images fluctuate between reality and dreams.


Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1993, 11'
Script Zemira Alajbegović
Dir Neven Korda
Cast Sabina Potočki, Katjuša Kovačič & Maja Vavda
Camera Jože Jagrič & Studio 2 TV Slovenija
Music Aldo Ivančič
Edit Milan Miloševič
The video starts with a graphic sign from which emerge images, and this procedure points to the fact that any documentary is but an artefact. The narrator searches through documents and reconstructs the life of Lela: in the Middle Ages she was accused of witchcraft; in the 20th century she finds herself in the midst of war, in the future she will leave the planet. Lela's individual destiny is being inscribed into the fate of humanity by means of layering the image; only television shots of the war in former Yugoslavia are presented 'in one layer', clean. The television image has become the only document, the war - the only certainty. Autobus discloses two images of the electronic picture: the one that creates reality, and the other that creates artefacts.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1993, 24'
Script&Dir Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda
Cast Matjaž Farič, Ingrid Kerec
Choreography Matjaž Farič
Camera Željko Ivančić
Music Antonio Vivaldi
Edit Zlatjan Čučkov

The dance performance by a man and a woman presents a story of timeless attraction and rejection. Despite of our desire for closeness, the curse of the greatest love for ourselves is omnipresent; sometimes the dancers come together, and then again they challenge and fight with each other yet they never get together. The theme of the stage choreography is partly transferred onto the street.

Beta SP, D3 mastering, V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1995, 12'
Scenario Zemira Alajbegović
Dir Neven Korda
Cast Damjana Grašič, Majolka Šuklje, Katjuša Kovačič etc.
Choreography Petra Pikalo
Camera Željko Ivančič
Music Aldo Ivančič
Edit Neven Korda
Costumes One fiction factory

A story of an art collector as remembered by herself in her old age, and as narrated by her friend, a psychoanalyst. Here also, the rich and multi-layered image presents the story of the individual, combining it with different theoretical reflections on the place of art and artist's mission. Words on art in different languages create the ambience of the lively avant-garde spirit of the first half of this century.

VHS, V 8, U-matic, D 5 mastering, V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana, VPK & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1997, 66'
Script Zemira Alajbegović
Dir Neven Korda
Sound Damijan Kunej
Edit KAN
The film was made from archives and video projects by FV112/15, FVDisco, Radio Student, FV Video and FVEditions between 1981 and 1988. It also includes music, photographs and texts.
Texts Peter Barbarič, Tomi Gračanin, Marina Gržinić, Bogdan Lešnik, Goran Lisica - Fox, Dušan Mandič, Tomaž Mastnak, Rastko Močnik, Marjan Ogrinc, Iztok Saksida, Goran Schmidt, Uroš Smasek, Igor Vidmar, Slavoj Žižek etc.
Photographers Siniša Lopojda, Jani Štravs, Mirza Džumhur, Božidar Dolenc, Jože Suhadolnik, Tone Stojko etc.
Camera Stojan Femec & Siniša Lopojda, Jani Štravs, Marijan Osole -Max, Irma Mežnarič, Andrej Lupinc, Radmila Pavlović, Damjan Kozole etc.
Music 3. kategorija, 92, Behemont, Borghesia, Čao pičke, Epidemija, Gast'r'bajtr's,
Gloria, Grč, Lublanski psi, Marcus 5, Miladojka Youneed, Niet, O!kult, Odpadki civilizacije,
Orkester titanik, Otroci socializma, Quod Massacre, S.D.A, SCH, Solunski front, TKP, Tožibabe, U.B.R., Via ofenziva & Videosex

The Old and the New reconstructs the lively bustle of the 'Ljubljana subculture scene' in the eighties, and it was made by two insiders. With minute and swift editing of the picture and sound, the makers have succeeded in compiling a number of documents and video shots - made between 1982 and 1988 - into an hour long narrative. The video combines the emotions and personal views with the socially-critical subculture and the wider historical context of the Yugoslav socialist system. It was inspired by Eisenstein - the title is from one of his films - and the Russian avant-garde movement. The Old and the New features theatre performaces and concerts by punk bands (Otroci Socializma, O!Kult and others), shot in the underground club, and multi-media performances by the electro-rock group Borghesia; clips from porno films alternate with images of aged socialist leaders and political rituals; we witness the start of the first gay and women's club as well as the discussions of philosophers, such as Slavoj Žižek, on the relationship between punk and rulling class. The subculture insipred and heralded the changes in the socialist regime during the 80s; The Old and the New revisits this 'heroic' time. It preserves the marginal and peripheral part of its official history, and documents the history of those who were left out.

Documentary video

Pjer 46 / Pier 46
VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 4'
Mounting and functioning of the installation by Borghesia in the framework of the Back to the USA exhibition in the Škuc Gallery.

VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 4' 30''
A fresh compilation of bits of concerts, video screenings, the first gay club and other events in the Dom mladih zgornja Šiška youth club where the FV Disco moved after its expulsion from the Ljubljana Student Village.

Kersnikova 4
VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 19'
A reportage on the struggle with socialistic institutions
for the youth club in the underground of Kersnikova 4
in Ljubljana.

Podoba 1-5 / Image 1-5
V 8, VHS, U-matic, Betacam SP, Kanal A, Ljubljana 1992/93
A series of television programmes on Slovene video
production: 1/ ŠKUC-Forum Video Production; 2/ Marijan
Osole - Max; 3/ Peter Vezjak; 4/ Hard-Core; 5/ Marko Kovačič.

Music video

Disko FV 82-83
VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 43',
Author Neven Korda
A document on the lively sub-cultural happenings in the FV
Disco club, the centre of Ljubljana's alternative scene where
numerous concerts by the most progressive music groups of
that time took place. The video presents the following bands: O!Kult, Grč, Titanic, Via Ofenziva, Gastarbajter's, Marcus 5, Borghesia, Otroci Socializma, Čao Pičke, Videosex, and Gustaf i Njegovi Dobri Duhovi.

Slike iz družinskega albuma / Pictures From the Family Album
VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 7',
Author Neven Korda
Ljubljana hard-core bands, U.B.R. and S.D.A., at their concerts in the FV Disco at the Dom mladih Zgornja Šiška youth centre in Ljubljana, and on the symposium What is Alternative?.

VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 20',
Authors Neven Korda & Radmila Pavlović
Video clips of Niet, the most progressive punk band in
Slovenia, shot at the Novi rock 1984 festival, in worker's
districts and on the streets of Ljubljana.

Tako mladi / So Young
VHS, U-matic, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 30'
A compilation of the Borghesia video clips (So Young, The Wild
Bunch, He, Too Much Tension, Cindy, A.R., ZMR), issued in
1985 as the first video cassette by the FV Label. These are
short, almost 'film-like' stories focused primarily on the
iconography of the body in urban surroundings. One of the clips presents a pioneer use of computer graphics.

Slike iz družinskega albuma 2 / Pictures from the Family Album No. 2
VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 23',
Author Neven Korda
The video preserves for memory a rich concert activity in the Šiška Youth Centre, including the interviews with the groups: Desert Corbusier, Azra, Solunski Front, Nekrofilija, Konjak, and Grč.

Ljubljanska hard-core scena / The Ljubljana
Hard-Core Scene
VHS, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 30',
Authors Neven Korda & Radmila Pavlović
Concerts and interviews by the groups U.B.R., Tožibabe, Odpadki
Civilizacije, Epidemija, III. Kategorija and Quod Massacre.

Iskanje izgubljenega časa / In Search of the Lost
VHS, U-matic, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1985, 28',
Author Neven Korda
A compilation of music video clips of Ljubljana hard-core
bands: U.B.R., Tožibabe, Odpadki Civilizacije, Epidemija,
and III. kategorija. A collage of documentary and feature-film shots: rough expressive portrayals of the everyday life, searchings, fears, rage, cynicism, and self-irony of the subcultural scene. These images interchange with the images of the then political dailiness and 'mythical' history: political speeches, 'peace parades', bombardments, assaults. The second video cassette by the FV Label, accompanied with the LP record, HCLJ.

Dežuje / It Rains
U-matic, ATV - FV Video / ŠKD Forum & Brut, Ljubljana 1986,
A video clip of a women hard-core band, Tožibabe.

Good Morning America (NEO VIDEO)
VHS, U-matic, Brut & FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana
1988, 45',
Authors Neven Korda, Jani Mujić & David Kržišnik
A compilation of US hard-core bands which gave concerts
in Ljubljana in 1987/88: Fang, Government Issue, Social
Unrest, Attitude, and Scream. The video image is secondary
to the documentary record, thus preserving the historical
memory. Issued on a video cassette by the FV Video and
Brut Film (Neo Video) in Ljubljana.

U-matic, Brut & FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1988, 47',
Author Zemira Alajbegović
The Ljubljana concerts and interviews with the following
groups: Nick Cave, Cassandra Complex, Poison Girls,
UK Subs, Misty in Roots and Laibach.

Triumf želje / The Triumph of Will
VHS, U-matic, Brut, VS Video / Forum, E-motion film, TV Slovenija & PIAS, Ljubljana 1989, 60'
This compilation of Borghesia video clips (Document, G.U.M., Poppers, Futurists, No Hope No Fear, Discipline, Mud, She, Venceremos) continues with the iconography introduced in the So Young video, but this time it is formally and technically much more elaborated. Issued by the FV Editions in 1989.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija & PIAS, Ljubljana 1992, 4'
Borghesia; 400 kilometres is the distance between Zagreb
and Belgrade, the cities which in 1992 were still in the
same state.


Multi-media, Performances and Installations

Kdo je ugasnil luč - FV 112/15 / Who Turned off the Light - FV 112/15, Ljubljana, MKC Zgornja Šiška

Lustmörder - Borghesia, Zagreb, Studentski centar
Pjer 46 / Pier 46 (Back to the USA), Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC
Mladi zaporniki - Borghesia / Young Prisoners - Borghesia, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom > Barcelona, K.G.B. (Prologo a la Bienal de produccion Juvenil del Area Mediterranea)

Ogolelo mesto - Borghesia / The Naked City - Borghesia, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom (Video CD 85) > Vienna (Töne gegen Töne) > Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad (Alternative film video)

Bodočniki - Borghesia / The Futurists - Borghesia, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom

Borghesia v živo / Borghesia in Life, Amsterdam > Brussels > Berlin > Stockholm > Paris


Zemira Alajbegović, Danijela Purešević, Borghesia, Beorama, Beograd, December 1988

Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda, text in cat. Video CD 89, Ljubljana 1989

Neven Korda, Zemira Alajbegović, Triumf želje, Telex, 29. 3. 1990

Zemira Alajbegović, Ljubezen je hladnejša od smrti, Likovne besede (Umetnost je močnejša od smrti), No. 21/22, 1992 -- Zemira Alajbegović, Tudi “naša” Nestrpnost, Delo, 4. 3. 1992

Zemira Alajbegović, Konec videa, filma in TV, Stop, 8. 3. 1996

Festivals and screenings

International Meeting On Youth Culture, Rome, Forum Boario

Tendencias, Prologo a la Bienal de Produccion Juvenil del Area Mediterranea, Barcelona -- Nova slovenska vizualna scena, Sarajevo, Kulturni centar ZOI '84

Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Kijkhuis -- Fukui International Video Festival, Tokyo, Phoenix Plaza, Audio-Visual Center -- I. Biennal de Produccions Cultural Juvenils de l'Europa Mediterranea, Barcelona -- World Youth Festival, Moscow -- Biennale della cultura giovanile mediterranea, Torino -- 2. mednarodni bienale Video CD 85, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom

Videofest, Berlin, Akademie der Kunste der DDR -- Umjetnost - kritika usred osamdesetih, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum -- B'Biennale, Thessaloniki -- 1. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom -- Kunst Videos aus Jugoslawien, Berlin -- Najnovejša jugoslovanska video produkcija / La recente production Vidéo en Yougoslavie, Koper, Galerija Loža > Paris, Centre culturel Yougoslave (Video match France - Yougoslavie) -- Cinema giovani, Torino -- D'art Room, Bologna -- Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad

Jugoslovenska dokumenta 87, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum -- Video susreti '87, Sarajevo, Muzej XIV. ZOI -- Videomix 001, Zagreb -- Biennale della cultura giovanile mediterranea, Bologna -- Video film festival - 2a rassegna della produzione audiovisiva in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Udine, Sala Convegni C.C.I.A.A.

Alternative Film Video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- Aspect de la video Yougoslave, Geneva, St-Gervais MJC -- 3. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom

Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- Videomix 002, Zagreb -- Video CD 89, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- 17. teden domačega filma, Celje, Likovni salon Celje -- Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad

Videomix 003, Zagreb -- Videofest, Berlin, Akademie der Kunste der DDR -- Ars electronica, Linz -- 4. Videonale, Bonn, Bonner Kunstverein -- Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel -- 5. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom

Video susreti '91, Sarajevo, Muzej XIV. ZOI

Australian Inernational Video Festival, Sydney -- World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Kijkhuis -- Videofest, Berlin, Akademie der Künste zu Berlin -- 7. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kino Vittoria -- 1. slovenski video festival, Idrija, grad Gewerkenegg -- Slovenski video (17th ICSID), Ljubljana, Galerija ZDSLU

De Slovenen komen, Venlo, OOC Peron 55 -- N5M conference, Amsterdam -- World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Kijkhuis -- WRO '93, 4th Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw -- Bienale mladih, Rijeka, Moderna galerija -- Dance Screen, Frankfurt -- Euopean Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Kommunikationszentrum LAGERHALLE e. V. -- Ostranenie, 1.internationales Videofestival am Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau, Bauhaus -- Viper, Luzern, Kino Limelight -- Novi slo video (3. kulturni Šou festival '93), Ljubljana, Križanke -- AVE - international audiovisual experimental festival, Arnhem, De Korenbeurs -- Dance video, Paris -- 3e Mondial de la video, Brussels -- Electromediascope, Kansas City -- Dani suvremenog slovenskog filma, Zagreb, Studentski centar -- Steirischer Herbst, Graz -- 3. Video film dance festival, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- SLO Wochenende, Schwetberg

Videofest, Berlin, Akademie der Kunste zu Berlin -- INPUT , Montreal, Hotel du Parc -- The Danish Film + Video Workshop, Copenhagen -- Slovenački video danas, Belgrade, Bitef teatar -- Alpe adria cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- New Visions, Glasgow, The Centre for Contemporary Arts -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Rijeka, Moderna galerija > Maribor, Media Nox > Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren > Skopje, Muzej na sovremenata umetnost > Udine (Videokids '94), Sala Video Cinema Ferroviario > Portogruaro -- Video Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur, National Art Gallery -- 22. Festival der Nationen, Ebensee, Kino Ebensee -- A Past Memorized - A Future Conceived: Video From Slovenia, Rotterdam, Zaal die Unie > Amsterdam, Netherlands Film Museum > Vienna, Medienwerkstatt > Graz, ESC > Munich, Marstal, Bayerischer Staatscheuspiel > Iowa, School of Art and Art History > Kassel

Videofest, Berlin, Akademie der Kunste zu Berlin -- Schermo Bianco, Portogruaro -- Mediascape, Zagreb -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Moscow, Centre for Contemporary Arts > St. Peterburg, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - St. Petersburg-- Mesto žensk, Ljubljana, Kinoteka -- Ostranenie 95, Dessau, Bauhaus -- Zbiralci peska, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren (premiere) > Slovensko mladinsko gledališče > Kinoteka -- 5. slovenski filmski maraton, Portorož, Avditorij

Najnowsza sztuka video ze Slowenii, Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej - Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw -- Film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom -- Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Cinema Excelsior -- Videoformes 96, Clermont-Ferrand, Maison des Congrés -- 9. Videofest, Berlin, Podewil -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Los Angeles, CalArts > LACE Gallery -- 14. World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Kijkhuis -- 5. Copenhagen Film + Video Workshop Festival, Copenhagen -- 24. Festival der Nationen, Ebensee, Kino Ebensee -- Senzatitolo - Eventi, Azioni, Esposizioni, Rovereto, Auditorium R. Zandonai -- Trnfest, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešern -- Cybersalon akvarij, Celje, Likovni salon Celje -- 17. International Festival and Forum of New Images, Locarno, Lago Maggiore -- Pepelkova - Gromki festival, Ljubljana, Metelkova -- Bataviale - Internationales Videofestival in der Europa, Passau -- Meunarodni festival novog filma i videa, Split -- Electronic Undercurrents - Art & Video in Europe, Copenhagen, Statens Museum for Kunst -- 5e Biennale International du film sur l'art, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou -- Študentski kulturni dnevi, Ljubljana, Kinoteka -- 11th Videobrasil - Electronic Art International Festival, Sao Paulo, SECS Pompeia, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo -- Alternative - 4th International Short Film Festival, Tg. Mures, The Cultural Palace -- 13 Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Kassel -- Experimental Video and Multimedia, Zürich, Xenix Cinema -- Videomedeja 96 - 1. meunarodni video samit, Novi sad -- Ex Ponto, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren -- 6e Mondial de la video - 18e Festival International du Film Super 8 et Video, Brussels, Centre culturel Jacques Franck -- Hi-Tech umeni, Brno, Dum umeni

Videofest - 10th Anniversary Program, Berlin, Podewil -- Fiat - festival internacionalnog alternativnog teatra, Podgorica, Dom omladine Budo Tomović, pozorište Dodest -- Videospotting (European Cultural Month), Ljubljana, Klub Metropol -- Modra roka - Majski salon '97, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča -- Interstanding 2, Tallinn, Eesti Kunstakadeemia > Tartu, Eesti Rahva Museum -- 3. Sarajevo film festival, Sarajevo, Kinoteka BH -- Staro in novo, Ljubljana, Slovenska kinoteka (premiere) > Klub K4 -- Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Ljubljana, Slovenska kinoteka -- Maraton - ne samo en dan slovenskega ženskega filma in videa (Mesto žensk), Ljubljana, Slovenska kinoteka -- Videoteka Mesta žensk, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Video rov, Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc > Idrija, KIC -- Tzara Marathon Night (Tzara Rerum Novara), Chisinau

Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Maribor, Pekarna > Koper, Mladinski kulturni center > Postojna, Mladinski kulturni delovni center > Črnomelj, Mladinski kulturni klub > Železniki, Kulturno društvo Rov > Krško, Atrij Valvasorjeve hiše -- Input, Stuttgart -- Avant-garde Films and Videos from Central Europe (Festival of Central European Culture), London, Cinema Lux -- Exponto 97/98 - 5th International Multimedia Festival, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren > Sarajevo, Kinoteka BiH -- Body and the East, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija -- Meunarodni festival novog filma i videa, Split -- Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela